First of his name...

Comedian Kyle Shire was raised in Des Plaines, IL a suburb of Chicago. While his mother worked nights as an ER nurse, he was loosely supervised by his older sisters who let him watch anything on TV as long he didn't bother them. Kyle would stay up late watching reruns of Saturday Night LiveMad TV, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and any John Waters movie he could get his hands on. When his mother would come home from work the next morning, Kyle would reenact his favorite scenes and sketches prompting his mother to either laugh or recoil in horror. That was kinda how this whole thing started.

Kyle studied at The Piven Theater Workshop and Second City as a teenager before moving on to Columbia College Chicago as a TV writing major. Kyle became an actor and a writer on Columbia's sketch comedy TV show Out on a Limb for four years. During his senior year he co-created the sitcom Debbie's Got Class, which went on to be nominated for a Midwest Emmy and won 1st Place for Student Submissions at the New York Film Festival in 2009. 

Shortly after graduating, Kyle moved to LA to pursue writing and a burgeoning love for stand up. Fast forward five years and Kyle has been the host and co-creator of Cobra Juice: A Variety Show Spectacle at the Steve Allen Theater. He showcased at the San Diego Comedy Festival in 2015. And recently he's been working closely with SNL and Mad TV alum Jeff Richards as one of his very gay back-up dancers for his new album The Shingles.